Basement Remodeling

Enhance Your Space with Basement Remodeling in Herndon, VA

Many basements are cold, dark, and uninviting places, causing your family to hang out in other spaces the majority of the time. But what if you could turn your basement into a beautiful space for your family to enjoy? Stop wasting this additional square footage and transform your basement space by letting My Kitchen & Bath complete basement remodeling at your Herndon, VA home. Our team has decades of experience creating stunning homes for our clients. When you hire us, you will be assigned one of our in-house designers that will help make your dream a reality. Contact us or stop by today to get started on your remodeling project.


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First Things First: Determine the Use of Your Basement

The first decision on your plate when remodeling your basement is to decide what you will use the space for. Many of our clients have found creative uses for their basements, and a remodel is a great way to turn this extra square footage into usable living space. Here are a few ideas to think about and things to take into consideration when deciding how to use your basement:



This type of renovation will be similar to the cost of a kitchen renovation, without the appliances.


Think about if your basement has the appropriate space for such an addition. Guest bedrooms are required by building code to have a finished closet. And if you want to add a shower, you’ll have to ensure there is enough space to comfortably lift your arms.


This works great for basements with low ceilings as you and your family will most often be seated when using this room. You may want to consult a home theater expert for advice on seating distance and surround sound.


If your home office plans include a closet, this room will technically be considered an extra bedroom, and you’ll need to plan for an egress window as required by building code.


Make sure you plan ahead if a gym is the goal for your basement. You’ll have to carry all equipment down the stairs and some pieces may be too large to fit in low-ceilinged spaces.